Why does my boyfriend like wearing panties?


Kate from Sydney, Australia contacted me the other day with a question that was concerning her dearly. She recently discovered her boyfriend wore women’s panties and was worried because she hadn’t come across something like this before, especially with a loved one.

Her email was as follows:

Hi. I hope you can help me. I recently found out my boyfriend wears ladies underwear, you know panties and stuff. I accidentally caught him pulling his pants down in the shower, which was strange because we usually change in the bedroom. He seemed protective and me being me just walked in and thought nothing of it. Then I saw him standing there with his pants to the floor and a bright pair of blue panties. We both just looked at each other and I walked out. Since then, we haven’t talked about it and I don’t know what it means. I’m usually good with working stuff out but this is just plain confusing.

Q: What do I do? Is this normal? Should I be worried? I’m lost.

A: Hi Kate. Thanks for writing in with your question. Firstly I want to congratulate you for making the step and seeking advice. Relationships can be tricky, especially when it comes to sensitive matters such as these. Secondly, before I proceed in answering your question, I want to emphasise the importance of keeping your mind open. Whenever dealing with psychological matters, it’s critical we try and not invoke our filters but rather think critically. Certainly this will require a conscious effort but it will ensure you can focus on the issues at hand and dealing with them the most effective and efficient way. So, let’s get into it.

From what you have described to me Kate, your boyfriend has a panty fetish, possibly even a cross-dressing habit. But without more information, it’s difficult for me to make a clear distinction. However, I want to go ahead and answer your entire question by each sub-question.

  1. What do I do?
    Like with any overwhelming or scary event, first breathe. If you’re experiencing any sort of emotion, try and let it pass by simply focusing on your breathing. Once you feel calm, you’re ready to continue. Now, there are very few things you can actually do here Kate, but don’t be disheartened because these steps you can take are key to ensuring the best result possible.

    1. First realise this is out of your control. While it affects you, your boyfriends fetish/habit is about him, not you. Trying to persuade or forcing your ideals onto him will only worsen the situation and close him off even more.
    2. Secondly, you need to resist the urge to make an assumption based on your perception of what society believes is “right” and “wrong”. Additional research into cross-dressing and panty fetishes is recommended. This way you can focus on the facts and work out a solution for both you and your boyfriend, rather than blindly following the masses.
    3. Thirdly, you need to try and remember what you thought and felt about your boyfriend prior to seeing him wearing panties. How many good qualities does he have? What are all the things he has done that you’re grateful for? Reigniting this train of thought allows you to focus on the positives and what makes your boyfriend exactly that. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and conquers everything, including fear.
    4. Lastly, you will need to initiate the conversation about his habit/fetish as he probably won’t. It’s a good chance your boyfriend is filled with shame, regret, and other similar negative feelings revolving around this topic due to his perception of society and you (what you may be thinking). Love and constant reassurance are the keys to success in this conversation.
  2. Is this normal?
    1. What’s normal, right? Normal is a state that is defined by your perception as regular and common. Moving all over the country during your childhood could be considered “normal” to you because your Father was in the military and that’s what you did, regularly. But to another, their childhood may have been in the one home. They wouldn’t consider moving everywhere all the time “normal” as it’s far from regular, almost inconceivable. Our perception matters. It helps define not only what we think and feel, but what decisions we make. And decisions we make not only affect us but others around us. What you should realise here is your boyfriends panty fetish/cross-dressing behaviour is new to you, and until you investigate further, it should invoke neither a positive or negative response. Furthermore, upon investigating more, you will discover that cross-dressing and/or wearing panties is quite common among men, especially heterosexual men. A study done by the man of Vernon Coleman investigated whether there is a correlation between cross-dressing and transsexualism, that is, whether a cross-dresser wanted to change their biological body in accordance to how they felt inside like a transsexual would. More information can be found on the following link: http://www.crossdreamers.com/2010/11/vernon-coleman-study-of-crossdressers.html
    2. There is also another article on the same website which has some really interesting data specifically related to cross-dressing. The survey was completed by over 1,000 cross-dressers and indicate most cross-dressers are in fact heterosexual, and a significant amount are married. You can check it out here: http://www.crossdreamers.com/2010/02/survey-of-crossdressers.html
  3. Should I be worried?
    1. Worry is perpetuated through the fear of the unknown. I wouldn’t say you should be worried but rather aware. There are many psychological reasons why we behave the way we do and without observation, it’s next to impossible to identify key patterns and produce a result/understanding that’s more closely related to our actual self. This means you will need to learn and uncover more pieces of the puzzle by way of questions, attentive listening and support. By working with your boyfriend, you can try and identify the reasons why he’s doing what he is & what it means for the future (i.e. does it change anything?). Please do take note however, if you discover anything related to his identity, that is for example, he believes he should’ve been born differently (opposite sex) then you have a potential case of gender identity, which is serious and requires professional help. Just keep this in the back of your mind and try and ascertain the facts first before making any conclusions.

Remember the most important part of all of this is your unconditional love and support for your boyfriend. He needs to be reassured and comforted knowing that you do not hold him in judgement or despise him. By showing your commitment and humanness, it will help him slowly regain his confidence in himself and hopefully allow him to open up more, resulting in a stronger relationship.

Good luck Kate :)

Holly xx

Buying panties online

pink_panties (Small)Growing up with the Internet has some great benefits, one of them was an early introduction into online shopping. This allowed anyone, anywhere, to purchase anything from whoever, whenever. Fantastic right? This was especially helpful to me during my earlier years, particularly around my teens when I began to really experiment with different types of women’s clothing. The thing is, shopping as a woman is sort of like a catch 22, well that’s how it’s been manufactured over the years. You somehow have this emphatic need to buy new, to make you feel good. Problem is, when you buy something new and wear it, it’s no longer new, ergo you don’t feel good (or as good as you should). Vicious cycle right? Anyway, regardless of this endless cycle, I desired more and more clothing and didn’t have the courage to purchase it at the store, so I did what I still do best – search for an alternative.

My first source was eBay. This was the latest hit in online and really helped connect everyone from across the globe to safely purchase and sell products. Better yet, it allowed people to cover their identity until the final purchase was made. Only the seller would know your true identity and vice versa. Excellent, I don’t have to walk in a store, act nervous and unsure and I could save money! What a perfect situation.

My very first purchase was a pair of pink panties. Looking back now, this wasn’t a great buy for two reasons: it lacked a certain quality (overall finish) and it came from overseas, China I think. But nonetheless, I purchased it (paid via PayPal) and shipped it to my home address. Now you’re probably thinking, what about my parents? Wouldn’t they be suspicious if a parcel arrived with my name on it? At least albeit curious? Great thing about my situation then, I was only living with my Dad and sister. And my Dad believed in respecting ones privacy. Whatever I do in the sanction of my own home is my business and mine alone. So the package came, Dad handed it to me and I scuttled off to my bedroom to inspect the goods. Wow! What a rush that was. I turned my desire into reality – astonishing. The biggest aphrodisiac.

As I laid the pair of pink panties I had just acquired from thousands of kilometres afar, I took a deep breath and completely undressed in an instant. Slipping the new, fresh pair of panties on was a dream come true. I could’ve been seen floating the clouds at that moment given the way I was feeling. They felt great, and I was horny. My cock was hard as rock and I wanted to rub it with my new pair of panties. So I sat down, put on {probably} a tranny video, and the rest is history ladies and gentlemen.

My first pair of panties – bought online. Buying panties online was easy, quick and enjoyable. These days however I rarely buy panties online, unless women intimate shops like Bras N Things have clearance sales, otherwise I simply walk into the nearest shopping centre, buy what I need and leave. I still get a little nervous before walking in but I’m confident enough to push on. The nerves now are probably more excitement than embarrassment, I actually look forward to that feeling now.

Have you purchased panties or other women’s clothing online? How was your first experience? Did it go smoothly or disastrous? Please tell me, I’d love to know. Just leave a comment below :)

Holly xx

Rui Matushita – Shemale Japan Hardcore

02 You know when you see one of the most beautiful Asian trannies in the world, because instantly you feel something hard – your cock. I’m talking about the one and only Rui Matushita. Hailing from exotic Japan — the place of gorgeous Newhalfs — Rui is a model for popular tranny site Shemale Japan Hardcore.

After many years surfing the web, discovering all the best tranny sites (especially Asian ones) and downloading terabytes (and terabytes) of videos, Rui Matushita is without doubt, a clear contender on the Top 10 list of Most Beautiful Shemales. She not only looks feminine but gets involved, participating extraordinarily in front of the camera, making her a pearl of exquisite beauty with a fantastic sexual and passionate spirit.


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I’ve added a few photos of Rui Matushita above. Clicking on any of them will take you to her gallery set, allowing you to get a better idea of what’s in store for you if you’re interested.

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So what do you think of Rui Matushita? Does she tickle your fancy? Or do you prefer another? Comment below :)

Until next time!
Holly xx

Stupid downtime. But I’m back!

gonna_hateSorry to everyone who hasn’t had access to the site recently, unfortunately my web hosting account expired due to non-recurring payment. What should of happened – didn’t. My web host should have billed me automatically, thus preventing the site from being suspended. Perhaps it wasn’t configured initially! Nonetheless, it won’t happen again :)

Thanks for your continued support and readership. Please keep reading and comment wherever you can!

Holly xx

Say hello to our new chat!

Chat Room

I have now implemented a new chat system for everyone here on Man Wearing Panties (right of the screen). You can talk to anyone in real time, and you don’t even have to be registered!

This has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time now but things just has a tendency to slip away! Nonetheless, it’s here and I hope everyone can benefit.

Please note while guests are allowed to chat, it’s only on the proviso the chat isn’t exploited or jammed up with spam. If I see any such abuse, I will limit the chat to registered members only. I’d rather not do this, so please play nice. This also means no discrimination, targeted vulgar language or anything that may cause harm to another. Yes, this is an adult website, so you should be acting exactly that – an adult – mature, sensible and helpful.

If you have any questions or want to make a suggestion, please feel free to add a comment and voice your thoughts! I’m always ready to listen.

Have fun! :)

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