Why I wear panties, plus a peek into my childhood


People ask when they get informed of my fantasy, a simple 3 letter word, “why?”

Why do I wear panties? Generally, many struggle to find backbone reasons why we get aroused by this particular fetish and I guess you could say it’s like any other fetish, each to their own. However, fetishes are usually formed by a certain experience which probably effected their sub-conscience at that particular time, but it’s possible they were aware of it though this is not as common. A lot of things come from your childhood, you would agree, like the way get brought up, the environment, your manners, certain ways from you parents etc, so why would you fantasies be any different? Well, your fantasies are created by your brain to help balance or “ease” the woes of your other side, so your mind can be put to rest and relax on sexual stimulate – which is healthy for you. When you were 7 or 8 (if you can remember), you weren’t worried about boys/girls, just having fun, school and exploring the world though deep down, your mind was taking in EVERYTHING, stuff that would get filtered through your brain for years and years to come, helping you understand modern life in order to ‘survive’. You wouldn’t of known if you were sexually aroused like you would know, probably be just a funny feeling to you at the time. So generally, that’s where it would’ve started. You ‘accidentally’ saw something, had the funny feeling, kept it in your mind and processed it for the next 4-5 years, incredible, no?

So back to the topic at hand, why do I wear panties? Mostly for sexual arousal which invokes a feeling of goodness and comfort – for me anyway. It all started when I was 6 and found a pair of panties in my dads shed. No, he wasn’t cheating, I believe they were my mums and I think I knew at the time but I put all that aside and tried them on.. why? That I couldn’t say. This is where to this day I’m still trying to figure out what made to do so. Maybe it was curiosity or something to do with it being women related, helping me feel closer to my mum or revisiting the feeling of nurturing. Anyway, so I did and they felt like an unspeakable thing. They were a pink pair of silky panties, very soft though they were a little big for me at the time, but I didn’t care! I walked around the shed in these silky panties with all these new and exciting feelings going all through me like a racing car set – it was incredible. From then on, I would do what I did, when I could but made sure to put them back exactly where they were..however, I don’t think my dad even noticed…more at a later date.

There are 5 main reasons why I wear panties, and they are:

1. Deep, inner feelings
When I wear any sort of feminine clothing (i.e. lingerie, panties, heels) or see someone in panties, I get this deep feeling which beats my heart fast, then moves down and excites ‘Harry’ into something big and wonderful. It almost feels I switch to a whole new identity, allowing me to act like the opposite sex and forget about my manhood for a short while.

2. Material
The material on any sort of clothing is erotic, as men’s underwear is mostly simple with no sex appeal to it, the feeling of switching to something tight, soft and sensual makes me go insane. My libido just jumps ship from man to women.

3. Childhood Experience
As I found these wonderful feelings in my childhood, they still remain with me, as anything you do for the first time. I can still remember all the new things I did and learnt as I went along.

4. Safe & Secure
I’m unsure why this comes into it, still trying to figure it out, but when I change into a woman, I automatically feel a sense of comfort, like my mind reassuring me everything is ok now. Come to think of it, this could be my minds way of healing my broken parts i.e. stresses of the day or repressed childhood memories. Allowing my mind to take time and break it down without my knowing.

5. It’s Hot!
It’s simply that – Hot. I’m not physically attracted to men at all, nor do I feel obligated to be but seeing another man in women’s clothes excites me because automatically my mind switches into that world and feels what I would if I was doing that. Plus, sexy lingerie for the right person really helps increase the raunchiness. I hope my future girlfriend will find it attractive and we can experiment and have fun along the way with it.

If you have anything to add or want to write your story, it would be interesting to hear. I’ve read stories on other websites and have a few favourites though sometimes, I just wonder if it’s actually real. So! Let me know, I’m always up for stories.

Hopefully this has been an interesting read if you’ve gotten this far and I thank you for doing so. Cheerio!

-Holly xxxx

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Holly Dazzle

I'm a cross-dresser who on occasion dresses in the opposite sex of my nature defined gender, which is a male. I'm Holly, Holly Dazzle! I love the colour pink, prefer pretty and lacy underwear and celebrate it all with a slice of ditziness and twist of sluttiness! :)

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