Wearing panties and pads

mwpPad-300x225I’m not sure if I have mentioned my other fetish of wearing pantie liners and sanitary pads but it’s something I adore just as much as wearing panties. When I found my first pair of panties, I added a sanitary pad and funnily enough was more fascinated with the sanitary pad than with the panties!

Today I’m more focused on dressing up as a women with sexy heels, luscious lipstick, erotic panties and smooth stockings. However every now and then I’ll I add a sanitary pad or pantie liner to my pair of panties to increase the thrill and make my cock explode.

As with men wearing panties, wearing sanitary pads is a fetish that not everyone will enjoy. Through my experience, some don’t like the idea while some don’t care and others absolutely love it. The question I put to my close followers, have you tried on a sanitary pad? And if so, like them? As always, I love to hear from you!

If you want to see a gallery of me unwrapping a sanitary pad and putting it on my pair of panties, contact me and I can arrange a private viewing!

Take care,
Holly xx

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Holly Dazzle

I'm a cross-dresser who on occasion dresses in the opposite sex of my nature defined gender, which is a male. I'm Holly, Holly Dazzle! I love the colour pink, prefer pretty and lacy underwear and celebrate it all with a slice of ditziness and twist of sluttiness! :)

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